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        OrgnlBnd1c.jpg (8457 bytes)                 acdnold.jpg (7296 bytes)

                      Gary's 1st band "Cajun Flavor"                                French Accordion - 1930's

CjnFlvr2Old1b.jpg (6731 bytes)      3ofakind1b.jpg (38448 bytes)

          2nd Cajun Flavor Band  with Elzie                                              a triple threat !!

      BndCraw1b.jpg (10108 bytes)                  BndNcdchs1b.jpg (5712 bytes)

           1st "Touch of Cajun" band with Mr. Ophey                          at Sam Houston State Univ.

      JstnBand1b.jpg (20967 bytes)                  DorisTHelen.jpg (36469 bytes)

                Justin Wilson with Touch of Cajun                                        Doris, T-Bob, Helen

      lubbock.jpg (76423 bytes)      BaytownFrnds.jpg (33068 bytes)

         T of C band and Santiago Jiminez Jr.               our Baytown friends at the "Rodair Club"                              Lubbock, Tx.                                                   Port Acres, Tx.

       tango.jpg (4525 bytes)                Mark&DorisRdair.jpg (8252 bytes)                t&brnda.jpg (31681 bytes)

        Bertha and Helen                      Mark and Doris                             T-Bob with Brenda                   doing the Tango

  gh1b.jpg (6534 bytes)         lush1b.jpg (5396 bytes)           brothers.jpg (8718 bytes)

   27 years and going strong                "HEY bartender" !!                   brothers Gary & T-Bob

  HlnJo-el1b.jpg (4097 bytes)         HelenJeannie.jpg (6202 bytes)            GaryDodis.jpg (9889 bytes)

       Helen & Jo-el Sonnier                       Helen & Jeannie                           Gary & Doris

     AcdnKngs1b.jpg (15280 bytes)         PopJstn1b.jpg (6079 bytes)

       T of C at Accordion Kings - Houston, Tx.                  "Papa Joe" with Justin Wilson

             Pirates1b.jpg (5656 bytes)              willie.jpg (12445 bytes) 

                 Mardi Grais pirates !!                        Barbara, Willie Nelson, T-Bob                                                                                       Port Arthur, Tx.      

   T&GaryBDay.jpg (16774 bytes)    T&4girls1a.jpg (10729 bytes)

         Clownin' at the Rodair Club                   More clowning for T-Bob's birthday


  grp2a.jpg (8513 bytes)           dncrs3a.jpg (9145 bytes)

    Texas "Wild Bunch" at the Polka Party             Passin' a good time in Las Vegas

             Las Vegas, Nevada   2001


         brktime.jpg (13853 bytes)                           sctch-t.jpg (18362 bytes)

         "Break Time" between shows                         One of our good friends made

                 Las Vegas  2001                                        this sketch of T-Bob at the

                                                                                  Polka Party in Las Vegas