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                      Helen Bertrand


Born in Beaumont Texas, Helen was brought up with a strong Cajun background. Her parents, being from Louisiana, instilled the love of music, food, and dance into her life from a very early age. Helen has been married to Gary Bertrand for 27 years. Like a verse to a cajun song, they met at the Saturday night cajun dance, married,had two children and raised them at the dance. But her story doesn't end with that.

When Jack Jagneaux finally convinced Gary to take his music seriously, he and his brother went out and bought an inexpensive set of drums. When Helen asked who was going to play them, Gary answered "you are". After a good long laugh, Helen realized Gary wasn't joking. Gary and his brother soon began teaching her the basics. All of the long sessions and listening to the same songs over and over, has really paid off. She is without a doubt the one that keeps the Touch of Cajun Band in time. By the way, Helen now plays a new set of Pearl Export Series drums.

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